Comments and Complaints

Comments, Complaints and Compliments

If you have been involved in the safeguarding process, whether by submitting a safeguarding concern, providing support or as part of an enquiry, we are keen to hear your views. Please follow the advice below if you wish to comment about the experience, complain or compliment the staff involved.


Recognition and thanks for how individual agencies have responded as part of adult safeguarding processes can be made directly to those agencies. Compliments about how agencies have worked well together can be made by emailing the Surrey County Council Customer Relations Team. If you wish, you can copy the safeguarding adults board into your messages, so that we are aware when agencies and individuals are working well.


Complaints about how the adult safeguarding process has (or has not) been implemented by Surrey County Council is via the Adult Social Care complaints process. If you are concerned about adult safeguarding work and it is appropriate to do so, you can speak with the member of staff you have been liaising with. If you want to talk to someone more senior, or someone independent of the process please contact the Adult Social Care Customer Relations Team. The Customer Relations Team will discuss your complaint with you and identify the next steps required.

Complaints relating to the involvement of other agencies in safeguarding processes should be directed to those organisations.

If you have a complaint in relation to the care a person receives, which has resulted in the person coming to harm, a Safeguarding Adults Review may be required. For further information on Safeguarding Adult Reviews.


Comments or representations in relation to the policy or guidance set by the Safeguarding Adults Board can be made to the Chair of the Board. The chair will update the person who has made the representation in relation to the actions to be taken.

Complaints regarding the operation of the Safeguarding Adults Board should be addressed to the Chair of the Board who will investigate and attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution with the complainant.

To email the Chair of the Safeguarding Adults Board email .