Published SAR’s


The Care Act 2014 states that Safeguarding Adult Boards have a statutory responsibility to arrange a Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) when an adult dies as a result of abuse or neglect (whether known or suspected), where there is concern that partner agencies could have worked more effectively together to protect the adult.

The overall purpose of a SAR is to promote learning and improve practice. It is not to re-investigate or to apportion blame.

Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB) published SARs

Sasha (Hampshire SAR) May 2020 – In relation to multi-agency working.
SAR Report

Mr J and Mr Y (2016) – In relation to concerns of an incident of patient on patient attack at a nursing home.
Executive Summary

Mr D (July 2014) – In relation to an incident at home.
Executive Summary

Mrs A (March 2014) – In relation to suicide.
Press release
Executive Summary
SCR Report -26.03.14

Mrs S (March 2014) – In relation to a choking incident.
Executive Summary

Pre-Care Act 2014 Serious Case Reviews (SCRs)

Gloria Foster –  In relation to reablement services.
Statement from the SSAB Chair
Executive Summary
SCR Report

SCR 0001 –  In relation to a ‘near miss event’
Executive Summary

SCR 0002 – In relation to a house fire.
Executive Summary

SCR CC – In relation to a car park fall.
Executive Summary

SCR HL (September 2008) – In relation of care.
Summary Report


SARs published by other Safeguarding Adults Boards (SAB’s) with reference to Surrey

West Sussex – Matthew Bates and Gary Lewis (2018) – In relation to an incident at a care home.
SAR report


SAR Library

The Department of Health has commissioned SCIE and RiPfA to develop a national resource. The aim is to maximise the value of individual SARs through two different kinds of resource. One will support the quality of individual SARs and the other will enable more widespread and effective use of the learning from SARs. This will support a virtuous circle whereby as the quality of individual SARs goes up, it also supports their being used to better effect.

SAR Library