Prevent Training update

The Prevent training team are launching two new Prevent training products: a dedicated referral awareness eLearning package, and a package that explains in depth the Channel process.

Both have been designed and built with support with training users, government departments and sectors over the past two years, to complement the existing Prevent awareness eLearning. They enable users to flexibly navigate their way through the content, and gain greater insight, knowledge and skills to confidently carry out their functions to support people vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism.

 Prevent Referrals

The training is for anyone who has been through the Prevent awareness eLearning or a Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP), and so already has an understanding of Prevent and of their role in safeguarding vulnerable people.

The training follows on from the Prevent awareness training which introduces users to the NOTICE-CHECK-SHARE procedure for evaluating and sharing concerns relating to radicalisation. The package shares best practice on how to articulate concerns about an individual, and ensure that they are robust and considered. It is aimed at anyone who may be in a position to notice signs of vulnerability to radicalisation and aims to give them confidence in referring on for help if appropriate. It is also designed for those (for example line managers) who may receive these referrals and have to consider how to respond, whether that be establishing more context, or reaching out to partner agencies for support.
Prevent – eLearning

Channel Awareness

This training package is for anyone who may be asked to contribute to, sit on, or even run a Channel Panel. It is aimed at all levels, from a professional asked to input and attend for the first time, to a member of staff new to their role and organising a panel meeting. It covers both an introduction to what Channel is, how it operates in the user’s region, and how to organise a Channel Panel for the first time. In response to feedback, it also covers information sharing, including how, when and with whom to share information of a Channel case.
Channel Panel -eLearning

Prevent awareness eLearning

The Prevent awareness eLearning has recently been refreshed. This includes updates to reflect the recommendations from the Parsons Green review, updated information following the change in threat and attacks of 2017, and new case studies.
Prevent Awareness – eLearning

Local Authority Prevent Toolkit Training

Building on the Toolkit distributed in September, we are pleased to announce a series of one day training courses aimed at those responsible for delivering Prevent in upper/single tier local authorities. This will cover risk, governance, safeguarding, Channel, training, communications and community engagement.