Board Structure

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The Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB), meet on a quarterly basis to:

  • receive assurances that partners in Surrey are working effectively to safeguard adults at risk from abuse and neglect.
  • review learning from SAR’s and to discuss how local practice should change as a result of this learning.
  • receive updates from member organisations on their work to safeguard adults and to discuss how partners can support by working collaboratively and efficiently.

The SAB is supported by five subgroups and three forums:

The Adult Safeguarding Executive (ASE), will define the strategic direction and priorities in relation to the planning and delivery of services to adults at risk in order to achieve a consistent and responsive approach to meeting the needs of all adults at risk and to provide a forum for discussion of key issues for Surrey arising from local and national safeguarding adult guidance.
The Group will ensure that those responsible at a senior level for safeguarding adults in Surrey are appropriately linked into the safeguarding adult’s board, and that there is effective discussion and communication with the main SSAB.

The Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) and Learning Group, receive all SAR notifications, they review the notification against the statutory duty of the SAB to complete a review and make recommendations to the chair of the SAB.
Following completion of a SAR the learnings from these reviews are actioned and monitored by this group.
The SAR group will convene an extraordinary meeting of appropriate members to review new SAR notifications received.

The Delivery Group is responsible for the training and policy and procedures of the SAB. It considers the policy, procedures and training requirements and how the SAB can be assured of progress.

The Quality Assurance Group, will task partners as appropriate with the QA  reports, on receipt they scrutinise the completed reports to inform the work of the SAB ensuring that the workstreams are progressing in line with the direction of the strategic plan and to report back on areas requiring greater support or clarity to the SAB.

The Communications Group, will take the lead with partner organisations to develop a communication strategy. The group will convene their first meeting during the later part of 2021.

The Engagement Forum, a forum of the SSAB to help to establish better engagement with all organisations across Surrey. The group will meet twice a year. The first meeting will take place during the later part of 2021.

The Health Group Forum, a forum of the SSAB for all health partners. Meetings take place twice a year.

The Surrey Prison Forum, a forum for all prisons in Surrey. The group meet twice a year to help build engagement.

SSAB Organogram V1 September 2021