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Simon Turpitt
The Independent Chair of the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board is Simon Turpitt.

As the independent Chair of the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board I would like to introduce to you the work we do in supporting people in Surrey who have care and support needs that make it difficult for them to protect themselves.

We do this by ensuring that there are suitable and robust processes in place to support those in need.

This is done through all agencies that would come into contact with people at risk but is assured through a Board made up of members from those agencies.  They hold each other to account via evidence data and highlight prevention strategies. Where a case has happened, they effectively use the reporting systems that review what occurred and recommend changes to practice where appropriate and share best practice.

Beneath the Board are a series of sub committees who are tasked with delivering the Boards agenda. These groups cover: 

  • Business Management Group
  • Delivery Group
  • Health Group
  • Quality Assurance Scrutiny Group
  • Safeguarding Adults Review Group. 

The areas covered by Safeguarding are wide, from abuse that physical, domestic, psychological, sexual, financial, neglect including self-neglect, modern slavery, discriminatory or organisational abuse.

Our task is always to make sure that prevention strategies are strong and support people at their time of need. This includes making sure their needs are the centre of any discussion, ensuring they are able to make decisions as to their support for themselves and if not that the right support is put in place.

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and our strategies are built to support this aim. examples of this would be:-

  • Improving agencies knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act.
  • Building multi-agency working to ensure strong information sharing and best practice.
  • Working with agencies who directly support our residents via user feedback. This could come from bodies such as Healthwatch, the Fire Service using their home visits to ensure those in need are quickly supported via the referral system, and Trading Standards who have developed a national initiative to focus on scamming and fraud of the elderly by unscrupulous individuals who exploit this group.

A major recent development has been the setting up of a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) that is the principal point of contact for all enquiries. This hub really adds value as it is able to share data across key agencies respond quickly to ensure the need is addressed and then capture information which the Board can use to improve it focus on areas of risk.

The agenda is challenging but critical to ensuring our most vulnerable residents are kept safe but all our members are very focussed on ensuring we deliver effectively against our remit.


The Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board maintains an up-to-date list of each organisation’s safeguarding lead to support information sharing across professionals. If you require a copy of this list please contact the SSAB. Members of the public should go via the MASH to be directed to the appropriate point of contact.


The Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board is made up of the following organisations:

Acute NHS Trust:

Clinical Commissioning Groups:

District & Borough Councils:


Other Partner Agencies:




Representatives from carers’ groups, disability groups and older people’s groups are also members of the Board.

Voice of the Service User and Carer represented by: