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Training offered by the SSAB

It is the role of the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB) to ensure that staff who work with adults with care and support needs are able to effectively and appropriately meet their statutory responsibilities and have received the necessary training.

SSAB Competency Framework

The Safeguarding Adults Board have developed a competency framework and guidance to assist employers to identify the training needs of their staff (including volunteers).

The competency framework provides a standardised approach to the skills and training staff in different roles should have regardless of the organisation they work for. This ensures a level of consistency and aims to improve the skill sets of all staff working with adults with care and support needs across the county.

SSAB Training Programme

The Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board are pleased to confirm their training programme. This has now been updated to be provided virtually and is available to view on the training programme page.

In order to offer a wide variety of courses around Section 42 safeguarding enquiries and safeguarding responsibilities our courses are in line with the requirements of the competency framework.

Our training programme is continually being discussed and once agreed new courses will be added.

Training provided by other organisations

There are a number of other training courses available, coordinated and delivered by partner organisations.
These includes topics such as: