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Training offered by the SSAB

It is the role of the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB) to ensure that staff who work with adults with care and support needs are able to effectively and appropriately meet their statutory responsibilities and have received the necessary training to do this.

SSAB Competency Framework

The Safeguarding Adults Board have developed a competency framework and guidance to assist employers to identify the training needs of their staff (including volunteers).

The competency framework provides a standardised approach to the skills and training staff in different roles should have regardless of the organisation they work for. This ensures a level of consistency and aims to improve the skill sets of all staff working with adults with care and support needs across the county.

SSAB Training Programme

The Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board are pleased to confirm their training programme designed for implementation in 2020, has now been adjusted for the new virtual world and is available to view on the training programme page.

In order to offer a wide variety of courses around Section 42 safeguarding enquiries and safeguarding responsibilities our courses are in line with the requirements of the competency framework.

The programme currently offers:

  • A basic introduction to Adult Safeguarding with the Adult Safeguarding Essential course.
  • Contributing to s42 Enquiries.

Our training programme is continually being discussed and once agreed new courses will be added.

SSAB Learning Library

The Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board has created a learning library to contain resources for professionals.

  • An Introduction to Adult Safeguarding
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Hate Crime Training
  • Mental Capacity Act (MCA) & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)
  • Pressure Ulcer Protocol
  • Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SAR)
  • Scams
  • SSAB Policy and Procedure supporting presentation


Training courses provided by other organisations

There are a number of other training courses available, coordinated and delivered by partner organisations.
These includes topics such as:

  • Prevent – Healthy Surrey, Home Office
  • Domestic Abuse – ESDAS
  • Modern Slavery – Healthy Surrey
  • Financial Abuse – Ann Craft Trust
  • Making Safeguarding Personal – RiPfa
    Research in Practice (RiPfa) also have a number of courses available on their website.
  • Coercive Control – The Surrey Children’s Services Academy (SCSA) is excited to offer a unique learning experience with renowned international expert in the field of coercive control, Professor Evan Stark! Professor Stark is going to join us virtually from the U.S.A. to deliver a lecture on coercive control and answer any questions you may have.
    With the new Domestic Abuse Bill progressing through the House of Lords, the timing is ideal to learn from the expert who was instrumental in the definition of coercive control in legislation.
    This is a unique opportunity for you as practitioners in Surrey, to enhance your understanding of coercive and controlling behaviour, its harmful impact on adults and children and implications for practice.
    Evan Stark – Coercive Control masterclass Tickets, Tue 2 Mar 2021 at 15:30 | Eventbrite