Concerned about an Adult


If you suspect somebody is being harmed, don’t ignore it, report it.
In an emergency – Dial 999 for the police.

If you are concerned about an adult with care and support needs, who is at risk of/ or is being abused or neglected and is unable to protect themselves please refer your concern to the ASC MASH, using the ASC MASH referral form using the level of need toolkit.
For any other advice or support please refer to the appropriate service using  the level of need toolkit, here you will also find the contact details and MASH referral form.

 ASC Level of Need Toolkit

A Guide to reporting abuse and safeguarding enquiries

Information and advice

Or send your enquiry using the SCC online form which is confidential and secure for you to use.

Concerns of abuse or neglect

If you’re at risk of the above, or suspect someone else is, you need to report it.
To do this, contact the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH):

Please note emails are secured by TLS .
Please remember that all emails containing sensitive information should continue to be protectively marked.

Out of hours

Call the Adult Social Care Emergency Duty Team on: 01483 517898