Concerned about an Adult

If you suspect somebody is being harmed, don’t ignore it, report it.

In an emergency – Dial 999 for the police.

Concerns of Abuse or Neglect

If you are concerned about an adult with care and support needs, who is at risk of/ or is being abused or neglected and is unable to protect themselves or suspect someone else is, you need to report it.

To do this, contact the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH):

The Surrey Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is the initial point of contact that aims to improve the safeguarding response for  adults at risk of abuse or neglect through better information sharing and high-quality and timely responses.

The Surrey MASH achieves this by bringing together Surrey County Council social care workers, health workers, the police, and a vast array of virtual partners across Surrey – all under one roof. By being able to share relevant information between each agency, the MASH aims to identify need, risk and harm accurately to allow timely and the most appropriate intervention.

To assist this process the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board are pleased to confirm the release and publication of the SSAB Making Good Referrals of Adult Safeguarding Concerns in Surrey has been developed along with the SCC Adult Social Care Level of Need toolkit, to assist you in making your referral to the appropriate service.

The toolkit has been designed to reduce the number of requests for support and/ or signposting, are now being directed straight to the appropriate local service or to the ASC contact centre, leaving the MASH able to handle all level four referrals.

A Guide to reporting abuse and safeguarding enquiries


Information and Advice

Or send your enquiry using the SCC online form which is confidential and secure for you to use.

Please note emails are secured by TLS .
Please remember that all emails containing sensitive information should continue to be protectively marked.

Out of hours

Call the Adult Social Care Emergency Duty Team on: 01483 517898

The Herbert Protocol

Caring for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s can be challenging.
There’s a risk they can at some point start to ‘walk out’. This may only be into the garden or street for a short time, but some people can get lost and go missing so planning ahead to keep them safe is really important. The Herbert Protocol

Partnership Intelligence

If you have some information which you think may assist other partners, use the Surrey Police Partnership Intelligence form (Partnership Intelligence Guidance). This is not a means for reporting crimes, notifying the police of an imminent risk, or referring safeguarding concerns. It does not replace existing information sharing practices, however it does allow for intelligence to be passed between agencies quickly and efficiently. For further information on this form click here.

Fire Safety

If you are concerned that a person is at high risk of fire, Surrey Fire and Rescue service can offer an Emergency Home Fire Safety visit.
Please complete the online safe and well visit form, where a resident requires an immediate visit and advice.
Advice on making a home safe from the fire service.