Policies and Procedures

SSAB Policy and Procedures

In May 2018, the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board updated its policies and procedures. This is now one document which sets the standard expected by the safeguarding adults board for all partners involved in safeguarding adults in Surrey.

The policy and procedure aim to be easy-to-use and provide clear, concise and consistent information on the actions required when safeguarding adults in Surrey.

The document is based on the Care Act 2014 and the Care and Support Statutory Guidance, they do not duplicate these but instead provide guidance on how these should be implemented and followed locally. The policy and procedure highlights best practice and includes learning from safeguarding adults reviews, however there is also recognition that there cannot be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to safeguarding.

SSAB Policy and Procedures Document

To encourage consistency in practice across the county, the SSAB have also produced:


Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures

Multi-Agency Missing from Care Agreement
This document represents a joint local Response Agreement between Surrey Police and Surrey care providers and agencies for the management of adults receiving care who go missing. 

Pressure Ulcer Protocol
Item 29 – Appendix 1 of the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board policy and procedures.
This protocol provides a framework to assist practitioners and managers across health and care organisations to provide high quality care and appropriate responses to individuals at risk of developing pressure ulcers. The Pressure Ulcer Protocol can be found as appendix 1 in the SSAB policy and Procedure document.

Inter-Agency Escalation Policy
Occasionally situations arise when workers within one agency feel that the actions, inaction or decisions of another agency do not adequately safeguard an adult with care and support needs. The purpose of this protocol is to ensure that in such situations issues between agencies are resolved in a timely manner. 

Choking Prevention Policy
Please note this is not a SSAB policy. This has kindly been shared by partners at the Royal Surrey Hospital Trust Safeguarding and Speech and language teams, as an example of a dysphasia policy and may be used as a template for other organisations as needed.

Use of this policy will need to be in conjunction with a choking risk assessment and does not remove the need for these to be undertaken.